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Friday, June 29, 2007


My assignment and a fashion problem

So yesterday my editor asks me to go blog about the iPhone's release. He said find out when it's coming out (6 p.m. Friday) and go blend in with the line of people (if there is a line) and interview folks about why they are waiting in line for a $500 phone.
In places like New York, there have been people in line for days who have blogs, here and here.
I don't know that we have any hardcore iCrazies here, but if we do I aim to find out.

One dilemma so far is what to wear to fit in. My first thought was glasses with tape, too tight, too short jeans and some cheesy tucked in T-shirt with no belt. Then I remembered the millions that Apple has spent on hip, flashy, trendy ads. Remember the "Hi I'm a Mac. Hi I'm a PC commercials?" I guess I should just wear "cool" clothes. Oh ... and a big, honking Bluetooth ear piece.

Check back for more posts.
-Andy Johns, mobile reporter

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