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Friday, June 29, 2007



Towards the back of the line are Harrison Wigley of Oxford, and Ben E., of Anniston. They are about 16 or 17 people deep in the line. I asked them what happens if the store runs out of phones before they get their turn.
They surprisingly said they didn't care.
As soon as they get the iPhones, they are going straight on Ebay.
"There's not many stocks you can get that would double your money automatically," they said.
The duo sat and waited 26 hours for PlayStation 3's to come out. They sold the game systems as well, pocketing nearly $1000 profit for each unit. They hope to sell the phones for twice what they pay.
Today they have chairs, drinks and a tarp in case it rains.
"I was a scout," Ben said. "Always prepared."

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